Can't connect after deployment to new VPS


Have just transferred old build meteor app folders to the new VPS (debian Linux host).
Have installed node and npm in the proper version, can run ‘npm install’ and all stuff build nice.

Then I start app, I can connect it using browser, it even connects Kadira servers and fills console with usual log entries.

But it seems it has lost db (mongoLab) connection. (Connection string is right as it is hardcoded and used for months.)

I can see usual UI using the browser but there is no db activity at all, even the accounts-ui interface is lost (invisible).

Should I open any ports for db connection (outgoing)?? Any ideas what’s could be wrong ?

Browser console show few errrors like that …

4afdf86….js?meteor_js_resource=true:55 GET net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

Could be the 8000 port is closed ??

So it was not the mongoDB but DDP_DEFAULT_CONNECTION_URL setting. Once the app was deployed to the RH OpenShift PaaS the value used there was :8000. My fault was I assumed it has to be same everywhere. Changing it to :8080 (port used by node) made app working.

I just thought they have to be separate ports.