Can't connect to atlas from local meteor

I have a start script

“start”: “MONGO_URL=mongodb+srv:// meteor run --settings settings-local.json --port 5000”,

I can see that Meteor.settings.MONGO_URL does in fact hold the url… but my app can’t connect to it.

If I have no URL, it connects okay to local mongodb

If i have a url from Mlab, it connects okay

The issue is just with connection strings from atlas.

I checked the user/pass and it is right

I checked the network security and my IP is there (also open to everything with 0.0.0).

Should also note my app works fine in production with the same atlas connection string…this is purely an issue when I’m running locally.

Any ideas what I could be missing?

Update: it connects but it takes literally 4 minutes to load up. It’s really weird… and sometimes it doesn’t load at all it seems. This same connection string works fine in production.

Ok, try this url. Please note that ‘your_user’ should be a user created with read/write rights and not your Atlas website access user. You will find your servers in the monitoring part of Atlas.

MONGO_URL: 'mongodb://,,',

Have you whitelisted your IP on Atlas?