Can't connect to deployed app with https and Cloudflaire

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction here.

So, I first deployed my app to a DigitalOcean box using MupX, with no SSL or CloudFlare configured, and everything works fine.

Next, I deployed the same app to a different server with https and using CloudFlare. I modified my mup.json to install the SSL certs, and changed the necessary environment variables.

When I go to this server, the page loads fine, and it is behind https. But when I try to log-on, the form just hangs. When I check Meteor.status(), it returns “waiting”.

The console does not show a lot, other than a bunch of post requests that look like this:

POST Aborted

Can anyone suggest things that I might want to check to try to figure out what’s going on ?

I realize problems like this can be tricky to diagnose, especially without knowing my full setup. Happy to provide additional info.

Here are somethings I’ve tried:

  • calling Meteor.reconnect(), – it does nothing
  • disabling websockets (by setting the DISABLE_WEBSOCKETS env variable to true in mup.json and doing ‘mupx reconfig’) but I’m not sure how I can verify that websockets were actually disabled).
  • add/remove the force-ssl package. (Adding it seemed to make it worse, as after that the page wouldn’t even load)


I turned on Pseudo IPv4 as described in the link and it appears to work