Can't deploy on linux machine after building on MacOS

So I am trying to deploy a meteor app on a custom server. But when the project is built on a macOS enviroment, it seems to fail to deploy on the remote linux enviroment.

Note: But we are doing a custom deployment without mupx.

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated.

Are you building for the correct architecture:

$ meteor build --help
Usage: meteor build <output path> [--debug] [--directory] [--server-only]
          [--mobile-settings settings.json] [--server]

Package this project up for deployment. The command outputs a directory with
builds for all platforms in this project.

If you have added mobile platforms to your project with the
'meteor add-platform' command, then the output directory will contain
subdirectories named 'android' (with the APK bundle and Android project
source) and/or 'ios' (with the Xcode project source).

Pass `--server-only` to skip building mobile apps, but still build the
'web.cordova' client target so the server can support hot code push
for Cordova apps.

The output directory will contain a tarball that includes everything necessary
to run the application server. (See README in the tarball for details.)

  --debug             Build in debug mode (don't minify, etc).
  --directory         Output a directory (rather than a tarball) for the
                      application server bundle. If the output location exists,
                      it will be recursively deleted first.
  --server-only       Skip building mobile apps even if mobile platforms have
                      been added.
  --mobile-settings   Set optional data for the initial value of Meteor.settings
                      in your mobile application. A new value for
                      Meteor.settings can be set later by the server as part of
                      hot code push.
  --server            Location where mobile builds connect to the Meteor server.
                      Defaults to localhost:3000. Can include a URL scheme
                      (for example, --server=
  --architecture      Builds the server for a different architecture than your
                      developer machine's architecture. Valid architectures
                      include os.osx.x86_64, os.linux.x86_64, os.linux.x86_32,
            , and Note: This
                      option selects the architecture of the binary-dependent
                      Atmosphere packages you would like bundled into your
                      application, when those packages were specifically
                      published for multiple architectures (i.e. with meteor
                      publish-for-arch). If your project doesn't use any
                      Atmosphere packages that have binary dependencies,
                      --architecture has no effect.
  --allow-incompatible-update   Allow packages in your project to be upgraded or
                      downgraded to versions that are potentially incompatible
                      with the current versions, if required to satisfy all
                      package version constraints.

yes I am running.

meteor build --directory --architecture os.linux.x86_64 …/Meteor_Server_Production