Can't figure out how to get travis-ci working

I’m new to meteor and I’m currently fooling around with a learning project, where I would like to add travis-ci support.

I’m using travis-ci-meteor-packages, and I’ve tried jasmine, mocha and even cucumber. Everything works locally - other than the fact that the tests don’t actually run to completion until I access the app (localhost:3000), but I assume this is what arunoda’s packages are a workaround for.

The issue I’m currently having is that I’m getting an exception

    => Build failed:
   While building the application:
   start_test.js:1:15: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

Not really sure where to go from here, can anybody offer me some advice?
Current travis-ci build:

Did you resolve this?

No I never did find an easy fix for this, besides just running tests locally.

That only works for packages and not apps; it runs Tinytest.