Can't find a good boilerplate

I came to Meteor because I was turned off by the MEAN stack having so many options and moving parts. I like opinionated frameworks and felt that Meteor was close to something like Ruby on Rails. Since the world is moving towards javascript I set out to find a good “javascript everywhere” framework. Having looked into so many frameworks/starting points, Meteor seems like the overwhelming choice mostly people I could focus on writing business logic and UI’s and not need to deal with typical implementation and deployment details.

What I’m struggling with is finding a good starting pattern for my code. I have decided (arguably some of these items may not be the correct path for many but they seem to be the right choice with my explanations):

  • Meteor 1.3 - might as well start with the latest
  • Meteor 1.3 recommended project structure - Oy! There are so many to choose from but I want to do what is most recommended.
  • bootstrap - industry standard
  • react - I’m not 100% in love with React, but component based is surely winning and also React (or something similar) appears to becoming industry standard (for at least the next year!)
  • regular javascript / ES2015 - i.e., no coffeescript
  • simple authorization - quick account creation/3rd party Auth - e.g., accounts-ui
  • CRUD - including listview/grid/edit forms - maybe Griddle
  • collections - schema validation
  • routing - I guess Flow Router
  • testing

Given that it seems like Meteor 1.3 (the latest) with React is the overall direction (yes, I know there’s Blaze too) I was hoping I could find a good starting point/boilerplate project that has what I’m looking for. I know there’s the todo app with React, but that doesn’t have simple authentication and real business like CRUD. I have also seen this but this doesn’t seem to match the directory structure, use a typical bootstrap or have a standard list and view CRUD

In order to realistically use Meteor + React for basic business apps it would be ideal to follow a standard pattern/boilerplate so that I don’t feel like I’m going to go way off-base with my code changes.

Does anyone know of a boilerplate/starter that has what I’m looking for?

Thanks in advance.

Have you looked at this

Seems to be very close to what you want. He is using Redux to store client app state, but has an older branch without redux you can checkout.

Good luck!

@skirunman Thank you!!! Just what I was looking for. It’s at least a start for me although I wish there was an official boilerplate like this. I need to look through the code but looks like a good start.

Thanks again!

@merlinpatt I guess I’m not sure what Mantra provides based on the blog post.

The guys from TheMeteorChef have a boilerplate app on Github. But it’s based on Meteor 1.2 yet. Hope they’ll upgrade to Meteor 1.3 soon, so I can watch and learn from their best practices :wink:

Theres actually a Meteor 1.3 version of base that was literally finished this week here

Blog post coming in the next few days.

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If you want some opinion from the horse’s mouth, you could check out the Meteor Guide.

There is this too
Poking around in this for a little bit and watching the videos will enable you to quickly create several different boilerplate with different functionality from a json or yaml file. There are several examples and also a react beta example too.