Can't find any Meteoric tutorials?


I tried using these but can’t understand anything from them


Your question need more details.


I would like to use Meteoric (or any other available GUI framework for meteor) to create mobile app. I can’t find any tutorials that show how to do it. Links that I have provided show some basics which do not create rich GUI elements like Lists, buttons, views. I am coming from Sencha Touch where you have predefined widgets which you can use and combine to create an app. There you don’t have to work with HTML or CSS - you just combine widgets. Is there something like that that can be used with Meteor? Is Meteroic supposed to be like that? Having pre built widgets you can use and combine out of the box?


have your checked for the meteoric demo and cloned the code at . The templates at should help you get started on creating an meteor based ionic mobile app.


I just built an app using Meteoric and the approach I took was basically along the lines of what @dax said.

The Demo is really good because it’s basically just a list of all the current features. So you can go through the code for each one and see how it’s implemented.

If your project is on github, feel free to contact me and I can give you guidance :smile:


That’s the way I learned,

Going through the code in this and comparing it to the demo:


I found another one of his demos to be more helpful because it was a bit more of a “real” application. But yeah - the documentation’s not great. You just have to read code to figure it out.


Thank you all for you advices.
I am now learning how to use GitHub since it seams that many packages are missing tutorials and that the only way is to explore GitHub examples.
Not ideal but I will give it a try.
I didn’t realize that repository contains an example for each widget.
Thanks for pointing that out.
I might have more questions when I start actually going through the examples but I’ll see how it goes.


Sometimes it is easier as well, to just clone the repo to your local setup and explore it that way, rather than exploring on itself


I was able to understand some of the examples by cloning demo repository but I have questions

What is Backdrop?
List can’t be scrolled vertically?
When list slides horizontal item is activated.
Is there a way to switch templates, like when using {{pathFor ‘navigationTwo’}}, but without having to add a route?
Form seems to be automatically created?
In Side Menu example Side Menu are not defined anywhere?