Can't find the time to finish my app. Looking for (paid?) help


I have been working on a small companion app for my startup. A marketplace/noticeboard for Backpackers who want to sell their cars. I’d say its about 70% done.


Since a few months I just can’t find the time to work on it. Thats so frustrating!
So I thought to ask around if anyone is willing to help (paid work also possible).

Some facts:

  • Blaze
  • FlowRouter
  • Semantic UI
  • ImageUploads (done)
  • Filtering of Products (almost done, but could use some work)
  • PDF generation (almost done)
  • Paypal integration via Braintree (working, but could use some refining)


If someone is interested in helping please get in touch. I’m also open for suggestions for new features.
If anyone knows another place for such “ads/offers” please let me know! Any kind of help is appreciated.


Repo on Github:

Live Version on Scalingo:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Also, love the scrolling landscape. Very GardenStudio-esque, ha!

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Ok, I can help you finished.