Can't get Meteor to work on my windows 10 home

After downloading and installing, I keep getting this error

hasStacks = !!e.stack;

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Any idea on how to resolve?

Thank you

The definitive solution is probably to switch to Linux :stuck_out_tongue:
There are always people here getting all sorts of errors on Windows. I run Linux at work and Windows at home, and I’ve noticed startup and build times are a lot longer on Windows too, even though my home computer is more powerful.

I tend to agree with @herteby.

Having said that, I’ve run Meteor on Windows without issues since it became officially supported in 2015. Here’s a couple of things you might try:

  1. Have you independently installed node and/or npm? If you have, then try removing them. Meteor comes with the correct versions of node and npm (for information that’s node 4.8.3 and npm 4.6.1).
  2. As you’re using Windows 10, you could try using Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. I’m using both the native Windows version and the BUW versions and they both work well.
  3. Install VirtualBox and create a Ubuntu VM and use that for Meteor Development. As @herteby says, that’s probably going to be much faster if you’re comfortable with Linux.
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