Can't Install iOS SDK on MeteorJS

I’m following instructions on

Whenever I try (from my app folder)

meteor install-sdk ios

It says, "Please follow the instructions here:"

Which I’ve done. I’ve tried uninstalling XCode and installing again, I’ve tried sudo xcodebuild -license to agree to terms again and again but no luck.

What gives! Thanks for any help.

The install-sdk command is deprecated. It simply prints a link to the installation instructions, but it doesn’t actually check or do anything. So as long as Xcode has been installed correctly, you can proceed with meteor add-platform ios.

Hi @martijnwalraven thanks for the info - I understood it was supposed to do something, since the command has the word “install” in it. I guess the tutorial docs should be updated.

Thanks for the info it’s working now.

i have the same problem… Can please you list the steps that works for you that I can follow?

Hi @ralpheiligan, sorry for the late reply, just use:

meteor add-platform ios
meteor run ios