Can't install Meteor on Debian 8.6

Good morning and happy holidays!
I just found out there’s something called PlexRequests and wanted to try it out on my OpenMediaVault server.
Just to clarify in case of confusion, OMV “Erasmus” runs on Debian 8.6.

After accidentally running curl | sh as root, I tried to clean up all leftovers and run it again as another user.
After the download bar finishes, the script halts and I’m left with basically no leftovers. Nothing in the user directory, nothing in the /root/ directory. Simply nothing!
The installation script doesn’t even give an error message.

When I accidentally ran this as root, i was able to run “meteor” as the other user, which told me “this is the first time” over and over, but nothing was installed in my other user’s homedir.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I’m not super handy with linux. OMV offers a good web interface, but I wanted to try this out anyway.