Can't install Meteor on Windows 10 "Please Wait"


I tried to install Meteor with the Windows Installer that’s provided on the Meteor website, however, after many tries, the installation “freezes” in the sense that the task window doesn’t crash nor freezes but the progression bar is stuck at something like 20%. The first time I tried the installation, it almost went to 90%, and it managed to install some components such as Node.js.

I searched for similar issues, but nobody seems to have a problem WHILE installing.

I am running Windows 10 x64. And I know I have sufficient storage space.
Thank you for your time and your help

I am also having the same issue with my Windows 10 64bit system. The Users\YourUserID\AppData\Local.meteor folder gets created with MBs of files but it hangs at approximately the same location as your screen shot shows.

OK. I should have known this from working with my Linux systems and invoking the standard curl install and using: $ sudo curl | sh. Right-mouse click the InstallMeteor executable and select Run as administrator.

It took some time for the AppData\Local.meteor\packages to install but it did complete.

After trying again and again, and waiting for more than twenty minutes, it finally completed the installation.

It took 2 hours for me ( windows10) to install meteor 1.4.

You can see the progress in that folder (C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local.meteor\packages if you sort by date

When I looked in the task manager I could see Windows Defender taking up 99% CPU, so I disabled it and the installation was much quicker.

check this link, see the whole video for better picture.

I don’t know until when we have to waste half of our lives watching meteor updating or extracting. I think the core concept must be changed.

On Windows the anti-malware can significantly slow down the install.

  1. This is a BAD thing! makes everything slow.
  2. This is a GREAT thing! makes sure that all the files loaded on my system are clean.

Disable your antivirus filter if #1 is more important than #2.

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