Can't install Meteor on windows 32 bits


Hi all,

I’m just trying to install meteor on a Windows Server 2008 32 bits box (sp1). I, as always, just open the install web page on meteor site and click Download Installer. Then go to the downloaded file and right click on it to open it as an administrator. Then try to open it but nothing happens. The installer does not even open nor shows an error or something. It just silently fails to open and that’s it. It is as if I had done nothing at all.

Have somebody experienced this problem before or has some idea about what can be happening here?

I have to say that I have already installed Meteor on a lot of machines, all Windows, before: Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012. The only difference that I can see this time is that this machine has Windows Server 2008 but it’s itself a 32 bit architecture. It has 4 GB of Ram and plenty of free disk space.

Many thanks for your help and bye …


Could it be that the meteor installer tries to connect to Internet and fails to do so. As a consequence, the installer didn’t even open itself and fails silently, without saying anything at all?
Could it be something like that?
Of course I downloaded the installer from, so the PC has an Internet connection, but it is also behind a proxy and I don’t know if the proxy is blocking some communication with the Internet.
Bye …