Cant install meteor on Windows

Hi all,

Just had some problems installing meteor on Windows and would want to know if these instructions are still valid:

Of course, I suppose we have to change that 32 to 64 in the url address, cause that is what the choco package uses anyway. And is the way to grab the 64 bit version of meteor.

So, you think I can still use those instructions to manually install meteor?

Many thanks for your help and bye …

The instructions should work. I mostly followed them when creating an alternative Windows installer:

Hi @zodern and thanks for your answer. You are correct. The instructions for installing meteor on Windows are correct.

Basically, installing meteor on Windows using a manual installation should be easy:

  1. download meteor from: Note the 64 at the end, because you want to get the 64 bit version of meteor. In my case, it was a big 244MB tar file.

  2. create a folder for meteor (echo %LocalAppData%.meteor). In my case, it was: C:\Users\xladmin\AppData\Local.meteor. At first I was confused because I couldn’t see AppData folder in my user directory; found out it can be a hidden folder in Windows. You have to set a setting to show hidden files in the user’s folder to see it.

  3. use 7zip to extract the downloaded file in this folder

  4. add the folder to your Path.

That’s it. I was skeptical in the beginning, then find out that everything worded out well.

@zodern: I was impressed when reading about the npm package you have created to install meteor on Windows easily. A question: are you going to announce here when the package is ready for first use? Also, what were your motivations for creating the package? I’ll surely use it when you inform we can.

Thanks and bye …

are you going to announce here when the package is ready for first use?


Also, what were your motivations for creating the package?

There occasionally are complaints or problems with the chocolatey installer, and I’ve considered creating an alternative installer for a while. Recently two people who were considering helping me with a project both changed their mind or almost did due to problems installing Meteor.

One main goal was to show progress when extracting the bundle. When antivirus is enabled this is very slow and people sometimes think the installer is stuck, but chocolatey doesn’t provide a way to show progress from 7zip.


I’ve recently updated my npm package ( to install meteor on Linux, MacOS, and Windows 10 (without chocolatey!). It also takes into account a lot of the “gotchas.”

npm i -g maka-cli
maka install meteor

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