Can't listen on Port 3000, Meteor Still Running


Good day,

Please advise asap on the correct way to remedy this:

I am using a Node.js command prompt (0.12.7) on Windows 8.1


I’ve met this problem before. press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to terminate nodejs process!


Hi @pacozza,

Thanks for the prompt response. All that does though is open up my Windows task manager so I can close down the terminal window.

Issue persists.


Try meteor --port 8000 (one command).


You have to find the node process using port 3000. And than you can kill that process.
In Unix systems there is “top” command which displays running processes. I think you can find something similar in Windows, maybe something like this:


Is problem solve? Please capture you task manger for further help :smile:
but I think just restart you computer would solve the problem :wink:


Hi Guys,

Yeah, porting to 8000 worked just fine. I ran a tasklist but couldn’t tell which PID was relating to

the Node process in order to kill it.

My concern is what happens if it happens again on port 8000 sometime in the future? How does one know

which ports are available?

Thanks again for the prompt assistance.