Can't login and no debug info (Solved)


I’ve been developing an app over the last few days and having great fun with Meteor, but all of a sudden I stopped being able to login on my local development environment.

I’m using accounts-ui and accounts-bootstrap but nothing at all happens when I click Sign in, the only thing I can do is navigate between the Sign in register and resend email pages. Submitting any of those forms does nothing, nothing happens in the console, server or client. I was still logged into the live version of the app and everything was function normal, so I tried logging out. Same problem. Login not working with no feedback.

Has anyone had a similar issue like this? Where do I start looking for debugging info?

Many thanks


My own stupidity, while playing with a bit of the interface I had put an e.preventDefault() on all buttons and then forgotten about it. As the sign in forms are the only elements that do their default behaviour (i.e. submit a form), these no longer worked.

There are a couple of core accounts related event handlers on the server/client such as validateLoginAttempt. I’d start putting break points in your browser and server (hook onto login events) and narrowing down on what’s not getting called.

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Thanks, I’ve just figured it out. See my edit.

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