Can't make spacebar work in bootbox form

Hi Meteormen,

I am trying to set the value of a textarea inside a modal (created with bootbox), but i can’t figure out. Instead of showing me the value of the variable, it shows me : {{this_question}}.

Here is the code attached to the button to create the modal :

click #edit' : function (e) {
    var this_question = this.question;
                //title: "This is a form in a modal.",
                message: '<html><form><textarea name="edit_form" rows="6" cols="70" >{{this_question}}</textarea></form></html>',
                value: this_question,
                buttons: {
                    success: {
                        label: "Save",
                        className: "btn-success",
                        callback: function () {

The console log (console.log(this_question)) shows the proper value (the actual question), but in the textarea of the modal, instead of the value (the question) it shows : {{this_question}}

If, by any chance, you could explain me why and how to fix, that would be fantastic!
Discloser, I am quite new to Meteor.