Cant pass parameters through subscription

recently i have implemented a function for subscribe data with date parameters, the function working fine with chrome but not working in safari and firefox.

Weā€™ll need to see code to help. Both the server side publication handler and the client side code where you subscribe

server side publication method :-

Meteor.publish(ā€˜dataForReportā€™, function (fromDate,toDate) {

const user = Meteor.user();

if (!user) throw new Meteor.Error('not-authorized');

return Data.find(
    clientId: user.profile.clientId,
  fields: {
    deliveredByOwner: 0,
    clientId: 0,
  sort: { createdAt: -1 }


client side subscribing function inside withtracker component:-

const data = Meteor.subscribe(ā€˜dataForReportā€™,fromDate.get(),toDate.get()).ready();

i am using reactiveVar for get dates

i have used moment package inside reactVar set function i just removed moment package function and use new Date function with date string then the issue fixed, do u have any idea about this.

The reason is that the MongoDB operators $lte and $gte can deal with the JS object Date out of the box. To make this work with momentjs you would have to invoke .toDate() on the momentjs objects.

const data = Meteor.subscribe(ā€˜dataForReportā€™,fromDate.get().toDate(),toDate.get().toDate()).ready();


Thank you @peterfkruger issue fixed