Can't run my app on mobile

First of all,
Excuse me, this question is maybe asked a lot.

Second, as the title says I am not able to run my app on mobile.
When I run “meteor install-sdk” the prompt tells me that the is not
avaible on Windows yet. After doing some research I came to the two points:

  1. It should be working since Meteor 1.3(I am using 1.4, downloaded today)
  2. The tutorial says that the feature is not avaible on Windows aswell

Any help is appreciated.

Btw I already got a version of Android SDK installed but skipping the step install-sdk
is also not working :confused:

Hey, if you already have the SDK installed, you’ll need to set the ENV Variable ANDROID_HOME. More details here :

Thanks, I tried now editing the ENV and updated my SDK, but the console still says that it can not find ‘is-property’.

I think I will download Debian and install meteor there aswell. Any help for my Windows issue is still appreciated.

Can you show a screenshot of the console error you’re getting regarding the SDK?