Capture Video and Play another

Wondering if this is possible with a Cordova Plugin.

I have spent a month trying to do this. I’ve used the Cordova-plugin-media-capture. I’ve used Cordova-plugin-camera-preview. And one other one. I got them all to work deploying to iOS but not what I want.

The objective is to avoid trying to build a native app.

So let me explain how this works. The top video is a prerecorded video playing a guided survey. The person on top is asking a question. The video below is the output of the video recorder showing a customer answering the question. What we are trying to do is capture a video of the customer answering the question.

When using the above mentioned Cordova plugins on iOS, they open the app that controls the video recorder and it covers the entire screen. So this breaks the UI requirement.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.

You can try using

@doctorpangloss thanks so much for your quick reply. I’m looking into this now…

Have you tried using this on iOS embeded in the UIWebKit?