CCXT library structure for meteor applications


OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Programming Language version: Meteor.js 1.7.03

CCXT version: Latest 1.15 or whatever

Exchange: Most of them

Method: Pulling Transaction Data, and most public pricing endpoints

I wanted to use the ccxt crypto library for my meteor application.

I wanted to know how would you structure this library in a meteor application. I wanted to know how to structure the server side code so that I could pull transaction history from the private endpoints at the user’s request. The user would be able to choose their desired exchange and it will allow them to put in their API key and secret.

I also wanted to know how to structure to pull pricing data from public endpoints. I intend to make a live feed for this data.

Do I separate the files based off the exchange or methods and call the files required dependant on the action.

Is there an example or guide that I could base it off or any recommendations.


I’m using CCXT right now in a Meteor app. You structure it the same way you would structure any other modular Meteor application, which is highly subjective to your preferences. The fact that it’s using CCXT is irrelevant to application structure, it’s just an implementation detail of your app.

There’s the officlal Meteor Guide Application Structure docs.

I’ve also built a modular Meteor starter kit with an opinionated application structure guide which I like to use for my projects.

One important thing I’ll add is that if you’re collecting user exchange API keys, you should be damn well certain you’re encrypting everything end-to-end and never storing plaintext in the database. You should absolutely get a third party security audit done before releasing your app to the wild or you could be opening up yourself to a massive liability issue.


Yes i was definately planing on implementing end to end encryption.
I shouldve worded the question better, I wanted to know how to actually call these methods from the frontend and wire the backend to fullfill these requests, because from what I was testing the publish functions with these rest endpoints were giving me trouble with the multiple exchange initiation and puting in multiple API keys/secrets. Ive been working on it for some time and im kinda stumped.
Maybe even a general api library integration with Meteor/Node.js will give me a better understanding of how i should accomplish this.
Again thx for the help