CFS and manual image adding to cfs collection

Hi all.
I hope somebody could help me with my trouble. I’m writing parser (on python) for further data usage by the Meteor app. But i can’t find any way how i can bind my images what my parser grab to the mongo and using it by cfs. Image files will be uploaded to s3. I see here two ways:

  1. Manually (through the python script) create records in CFS collection.
  2. Storing links to the images and some helper information for processing them in Meteor. In this case cfs records will be created by cfs package.
    But i can’t make both ways. I can’t create records manually because cfs-collection has structure what i can’t repeat correctly. Maybe i see trouble here because don’t understand something?
    In second case i don’t know how i can run some meteor process after the parser will done the job. I used django before and there have a possible to run native python script in Django environment, so i was free with any task. Meteor doesn’t provide possibilities like this one. So how i can solve my main task? Bind images to meteor-cfs in the third-party script?
    Maybe exists some third way but i don’t see it?