Cfs:gridfs image upload error with meteor 1.4


I upgraded to meteor 1.4 and now I get an error uploading images using cfs:gridfs 0.0.34+ GridFS storage adapter for CollectionFS.

A new document is created, but there’s a problem with the image upload (see screenshot).

As a side note: retrieving images from gridfs does work fine — after updating to cfs:gridfs 0.0.34+ (now located in /packages/gridfs/).

Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

cfs:gridfs package is deprecated (and doesn’t work on 1.4.2) so if it doesn’t work for you right now, I would advise to migrate to something else (like meteor-files). I know, it sucks, but I know the pain because I had to do the same :slight_smile:. Fortunately my upload code wasn’t all that complicated.