Change accounts' session token names?

Hello fellow meteorites,

I have the need to split my application in two parts. One app is on my domain’s / and the other is in a subfolder. The second app absolutely requires the user to be connected, and I would like to share the session across.

Before, this was easily done, but I see that there has been a PR a while ago that removed this possibility while fixing his use case. The meteor accounts now append the path of the application to tokens so two different app can share a domain’s localstorage without affecting eachother. That’s fine but its the opposite of what I’d like.

For now, I duplicate the keys on user login to the keys the second app expects… But I feel it is pretty hacky. I see that the AccountsClient object has


When looking at the console… If I change those value to the correct ones, the user gets logged in perfectly but the keys are not retained which means I cannot expect it to always work, and it does only work when I access the root path… Seems like my FlowRouter settings are preventing it to work correctly…

Do any of you know of a good way to be able to configure this kind of option? Choosing our localstorage keys could be something usefull…

I figured out why the flowrouter routes were kicking out the user as if he was not logged in… Because it fires before the user is effectively logged as it is an async process and prone to latency… silly me.

But I’d still love to hear from you guys if there is a better way to do this. If not, should we think of implementing a way to handle this use case?