Changing mup deployment pc


Hi. I have an app deployed on Digital Ocean with mup 1.2.x. The database I’m using is built-in.

The app was deployed and routinely updated from a windows 10 machine and is now running on Meteor version

It’s now about time for some bug fixes and some upgrades, and I thought I might as well upgrade to Meteor 1.6… Thing is, I’m completly unable to upgrade my project from to 1.6 on windows. (I’m able to install 1.6 with choco, but I can’t upgrade my current project to 1.6) and at this point I’ve sort of given that up…

I was however able to upgrade my meteor project to 1.6 on ubuntu and I have this question:

If I install mup and copy mup.js and settings.js from windows machine over to ubuntu version (along with pem files needed for ssh and fix the path), remove abernix/meteord:base and replace it with abernix/meteord:node-8.4.0-base; can I then just run mup deploy? or do I need to run mup setup since I’ve changed docker image?

What I’m most worried about is the built-in database. I have snapshots running on DO, but I’m a little iffy on exactly what to do if something goes wrong (which is why I really want to migrate to external database).

The other option is to completly remove my meteor project from windows and do a git clone since I just pushed upgrade to github from linux… But since I’m currently developing in linux, I’d rather not have to rely on windows for deployment anymore.

I’m aware that having a built-in database is not recommended, which I’m also looking into how to migrate to external databaseservice (probably mlab).

Thank you