Changing the Accounts UI template


Is it possible to add extra fields to the Accounts UI signup template? Or do I have to redesign everything from scratch?


I highly recommend you ditch the Accounts UI package and write the needed logic and templates yourself, if you are building anything more than a pet project. Trying to fiddle with the “plug n play” packages will cost you a lot more hours in the long run.


we use Auth0 (more characters)


What do you think of trhe user accounts packages? They say in the documentation that it is easily configurable. Should I give that a try?


Could you please elaborate?


The Meteor Accounts system is great, but trying to use the “drop in” Accounts UI packages (those that build the templates etc. for you in whatever flavour, Bootstrap, Semantic, Material, whatever…) will end up a big fat mess. Especially if you wish to have them in a language other than English.

Just build the templates as you normally would and hook the form submits to relevant Accounts-calls, such as Accounts.createUser