Chart JS NON static Values

How can I pull information from the collections and place it into the graph.

I have been trying

drawChart = function() {

var ctx, data, myNewChart;
data = {
labels: [UserData.find().fetch().map(function(doc) {
datasets: [
fillColor: ‘#CD3162’,
strokeColor: ‘rgba(220,220,220,1)’,
pointColor: ‘rgba(220,220,220,1)’,
pointStrokeColor: ‘#fff’,
data: [UserData.find().fetch().map(function(doc) {
return doc.peso;
ctx = $(’#myChart’).get(0).getContext(‘2d’);
myNewChart = new Chart(ctx);
return new Chart(ctx).Line(data);

Template.userprofile.rendered = function() {
return drawChart();

IT WORKS FOR STATIC CONTENT I have checked publications and subscriptions by creating helpers and they work fine
And it doesnt seem to work. What can I do ?