Chart MongoDB data into Highcharts Spline chart

Hi there,

I want to re create the Highcharts Spline chart found here but using the data stored in MongoDB. I don’t know how to get the data being used in this example into MongoDB and usable with the chart. Can any body help?

I have a GitHub repository set up here.

The Server folder containing the file main.js is where I need the correctly formatted data to be inserted to send to Mongo.

The Client folder containing the main.js is where I need the MongoDB data to be called into and inserted into the chart.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

I submitted a PR a couple of weeks ago which fixes the repo and a few errors. I suggest reviewing and merging that before looking at getting data from MongoDB :slight_smile:.

Apologies Rob - I was suppose to delete this question not update it. I have sorted this issue now so ill remove the question

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