Chat will not work in my Meteor application, I am stuck!


I am very new to Meteor (Node.js, and Mongodb in general as well) and pretty much I have been working to create a chat/messaging application. Everything about my app works, except messaging itself (obviously a problem).

Anyways, I have posted a question to Stackoverflow regarding a project and have described my issues in a lot more detail. But so far I haven’t been able to get much help, and I am still stuck. :frowning: this bums me out because Meteor seems really awesome and it sucks that I cannot find out what I’m doing wrong. Any help is appreciated!


I can see in your SO question, you were cloning an old “made with meteor” project.

My advice to you is to learn Meteor first before trying to clone and modify a repo. Read through the official meteor documentation, try out the examples and watch tutorials available on youtube.

Meteor is so easy that you yourself can write a chat app and deploy it within days. Using your own style!

Once you understand Meteor, you can start perusing and understand the code behind various meteor projects and packages.


Yeah the purpose of me cloning the old meteor project was to see how it was made (I really liked the example). I just want to get it to work so that I can break it down and study it piece by piece and test each component to see what it does. I have found that this is personally the most efficient way to learn new technologies, by cloning, breaking apart, studying, and then coding by myself!

Anyways I just wanted help on what the problem was in the said program.

Thank you!


I just want to second what @manrashid said, especially because you cloned an app that (as you know) is outdated. Meteor has changed a lot during the time it exists and until November last year (when it reached 1.0). You should really try to get a start using up-to-date learning material and if you really want to start cloning an existing app you should try and find one that is made for at least 1.0. I understand your approach of cloning and breaking but using an app that doesn’t even work from the beginning and where you have to fix the code is probably really a bad approach (as you can obviously see).


I understand now! Thank you for the awesome advice guys!