an ephemeral chat system created with Meteor

I just released the first version of en ephemeral chat system build with Meteor and React (hooks). Anyone can create a chat setting a chat title and a screen name. Chats expire after 30 days and are deleted from our servers.


Nice idea. I’ve created a channel called meteor so we test it.

You can join the channel here.

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That link that logged me in as you, probably due to the /alawi at the end of the link.


To share a chat link you can you the copy button inside the chat

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The concept is interesting. Without registering …

It could even be the subject of a full-fledged application around chatter. In a few words, we must focus on gossip and the words that are written but flew away. Messages would not be kept on the server for more than 2 or 5 minutes.

The business model is obvious: if it works and there are thousands of conversations, you have to insert ads.


Looks great! @jabid already has a business model idea. I think it would be nice to actually be able to set shorter duration chat sessions.

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I’m thinking a lot about the possible business model.
My thesis here is that if you let people enough time to use a chat channel for free, they are willing to pay for it iff that chat channel ends to be useful. Useful means they need to make it last, avoiding its expiration. In any other case, they will abandon the channel sooner or later.
For now, it is just an experiment.

If anyone wants to help, what I really need is to figure out possible use cases where people need an ephemeral chat channel available.

Hey @jabid, thanks for your thoughts.
No-ads chat is something I want to guarantee in the future — no registration means no user profiling, which is good, but your suggestion is one possible direction:

we must focus on gossip and the words that are written but flew away. Messages would not be kept on the server for more than 2 or 5 minutes.

I’m going to think about it. I posted another possible way in my reply to @storyteller.

Maybe in a world where profiling user’s habits are considered “the business model”, people sooner or later will discover that the real gain is in tools that let you free and guarantee no profiling at all.


One way is the short lived messages, so messages fade quickly (similar to snapchat etc.) to allow people to gossip and charge ads.

Other way (which is what I prefer) is allowing people to chat quickly (perhaps later add voice etc.) without any profiles etc. Then as the chat evolve, allow the room to be stored, be private etc and charge for that. Why is this good? Remote work is growing and I want to chat with someone quickly without having to be on the same platform I just give them a link we start the conversation, zero overhead, no slack invites etc. Also ad-hoc groups can be started quickly and people can collaborate, good for protests which is trendy nowadays. :sweat_smile:


:+1: Absolutely.

  • gossip
  • secret conversations
  • no profiling
  • as said @alawi different platform…
    There is real potential in this code… :yum:
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Glad to see new Meteor apps going out. Congrats.

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@massimosgrelli the domain name in your post title is not quite right, I was confused when I read the headline and just tried to visit chati.ish.

I looked for a domain that sounded link Chat-ish and seemed the best choice to me

Sorry, I didn’t communicate well. I mean in the title of your post, you wrote the domain as “Chati.ish”, not “”. “.ish” instead of “.sh”.

whoops thanks. that’s a typo