Chatra — live chat software built with Meteor


We’ve built Chatra to bring modern messaging experience to customer support.

How we are different? →

In short:

  • live typing insights (see what visitors type before they hit
  • group chats (AMAZES visitors, when few agents are helping at the same
  • conversation history (we save past conversations for both you
    and your customers, even if they close their browser
  • correct messages after you sent them
  • great modern UI in both widget and an agent dashboard
  • API to control the chat-widget

Our nice free plan is free forever, and you can have up to 5 agents online at the same time on it.

Chatra is most fit for use on the websites that sell, but we have plenty of clients that you use it to collect feedback and provide assistance on their non-commercial projects. For example I use it on (a jQuery gallery), my side-project.

We’re open to talk about technical details and difficulties, and look forward to opening some parts of our code to the community (scrolling, history fetching, message grouping and so on).

Let me know what you think and please give us a try!


This app is really well-designed! We are working on integrating it with our Meteor app now. What framework did you use for the interface? I like the button and background loading animations and other effects!

I really like this, Get inside their head

We just added chatra to our site tonight. It’s bloody brilliant! Only took a few minutes to get it installed and to get our customer’s signed in via the API. We are augmenting the sidebar data with customer name, email, Order Count, Lifetime Value and including a link so our agents can easily jump to the customer’s profile page in our ecommerce system. This is exactly what we needed. We were looking at LIveChat, Olark and others, but is really well conceived, designed and executed.

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Awesome love it, adding it now to our website

Hi @artpolikarpov,

Looks great! Do you also integrate with Meteor apps? We would like to use your service with our Application. (Both Android & iOS)

Kind regards,

Yes it works with Meteor apps, or any web app really. We’ve used it with Meteor and Shopify too. Contact them here:

@artpolikarpov - Is it possible to respond this question?

Hi! No frameworks for UI were used.

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Thanks :). Thanks @artpolikarpov

hi your mobile application is native or meteor applciation ??

It’s meteor app. Actually it is wrapped with built-in Cordova.

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Blown away! Integrating when I get home.

Completed integration with an existing Meteor app. Everything is working so well except on mobile web, when you minimize the Chat UI, the whole page scales down to desktop view. I still don’t know why this is happening. Tested this on Chrome only.

Just saw this post now - mate, that is an awesome product.

Well done!

How can I reload Chatra after dynamically changing clientId ? Should I do Chatra('restart') ? clientId isn’t reactive.

Yes, you should restart the widget. Please speak to our support team, they are smart enough.

I already did, with Julia and still in touch with her on this. Thanks

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She’s good! Guest and logged-in users fully integrated.
PS: Chatra('kill') and Chatra('restart') should be documented, very useful for Meteor integration.