Cheap host for Portfolio site?

Hi guys!

I’ve been working with Meteor since 1.0 and I think I’m ready to create a new portfolio site in Meteor.

I was wondering if you guys knew of any decent host that I can pay between USD $5-10 a month for? At work I use Modulus and Compose but I don’t want to pay $18 for my DB yet. At least not until I make my app.

DigitalOcean? Heroku? Modulus? What are you paying?

I have been using nodechef for one of my apps.
I can use the lowest tier which is $9USD a month and includes a mongo DB.
Can’t fault them on their support or systems. Easy to deploy and monitor.
Not as flashy as Galaxy, but way cheaper especially if you account for the included database…

They are lacking a referral system because I am sure i’ve referred a couple people by now :stuck_out_tongue:


Digital Ocean the cheapest stack i believe is $5.00 per month.


Do you know if that includes a mongoDB?

Going to definitely check them out! You wouldn’t happen to know if they integrate well with something like Codeship would you?

the free version of mongolab is probably fine for a portfolio site DB

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If it’s just a portfolio site why would you use Meteor to build it? I’d recommend looking into a static site generator for something like this. You could then host the files on S3 or Github pages for free.


If you use docker you can set up any infrastructure you need. Google
digital ocean docker

I’ve thought about this also. I could do a static site or even wordpress/drupal but there are some dynamic features that I’ve implemented in Meteor that were fast, and provide me with a decent resource for client acquisition. In the future I may make it static or Express.

I am not sure sorry :frowning:

Digital Ocean is def. the cheapest, add nginx and serve multiple apps on the same server.


You can check OVH.

I’ve moved from DO about a year ago and have only positive feelings, cheap & super fast (2gb of ram is awesome for Meteor apps). I’m using it currently for all projects that I have.


Man those prices are really nice o.o

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It’s $5 for a virtual server. You can run your app and MongoDB server on it with no problems.


I am a newbie. How do you deploy a webapp on OVH ? Could you refer me to a tutorial ? Any tutorial that might follow the same logic not necessarily for OVH.

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It’s the same vps as others (like Digital Ocean). You can take any working tutorial for DO (using mupx or smth different) and it will be the same for OVH.

I used mupx before with no problems, not sure what is now used for deployment of Meteor apps.

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Running your own VM is pretty easy if you follow a good tutorial - and like @M4v3R said, a $5 DO droplet can run multiple apps. I’ve had a bunch of apps in development hosted on a single droplet.

For production apps I would definitely suggest NodeChef or Galaxy…

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Multiple apps on a single droplet? Awesome! Does that include a MongoDB? I supposed I could always use Object Rocket Free Tier but if I could host a portfolio and maybe even a few demo apps that would be ideal!

Yep! It is not too hard, you just need to use nginx as a reverse proxy to point your domains to the different apps deployed on the VM.

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While true, and I have a couple of low-traffic servers running on single a $5 droplet, roughly $10 a month gets you a devops-free solution on Scalingo.

The digital ocean droplet hasn’t skipped a beat for me but the ease of deployment and not having to worry about it is winning me over to Scalingo.