Check out our new game on Meteor

Hi gang -

We’re proud to announce that our latest game, MONSTER PROOF is now in beta and ready for testers. It’s a math and logic puzzle game, sort of like a more complex Sudoku. It was built on Meteor and

You’re the ruler of a land populated with Monsters. By solving puzzles, you help gather resources needed to run and grow your country. It has a humorous tongue-in-cheek tone throughout, and a tech tree to unlock upgrades and new features.

As an added bonus, by playing the game, you are helping to make software more secure. The game is part of DARPA’s Crowd Sourced Formal Verification project, and player’s actions in-game are mapped to formal verification - a process through which software can be verified to have specific properties, such as memory safety or the lack of vulnerability to injection attacks.

If you’re curious to see how we mapped this hard math problem to a game, check out Monster Proof! Please send us feedback so we can make it better!

Note - you can play as a guest to get the idea, but cannot save your progress, purchase upgrades, or play ‘real’ levels. For that, you’ll need to register for free at



I didn’t really have time to try everything out but was impressed with how well it ran in the browser with all the music, sounds and video!

One thing that I really noticed and probably needs to be addressed is the images seem to load very slowly, often I would click through and a page would load but it took upwards of 30 seconds to see the images. My internet isn’t that slow. Looking at the location of the images, they look like they are hosted locally - are you using Meteor to serve the static content or do you have nginx doing that? I’ve read many things about how Meteor is not the best at serving static assets like images and you should try to offload that work elsewhere.

Thanks Chris - great feedback! I’ll look into a CDN.

One quick followup question, if I may - I know that the initial load times can be slow the first time you load a page, but they should be cached from then on and performance should be reasonable - did you also find that to be true? If not, I’ll dig even deeper.

Thanks again! Your feedback is very helpful!