Checking if user is logged in to render different layouts

So, I wanna check if the user is logged in to render different layout. I’m using react. Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

The documentation and the Todos React tutorial could help you :

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I was thinking that I could to it in Flow Router somehow but I figured out that I’ll do it in a layout component, is it right?

You can do something like

{{#if currentUser}} 
// Code if user is logged

That goes to template , or You can do in JS file something like this ( i think ) – Write helper and do this

checkUser: function() {
if(Meteor.userId()) {
return true;
} else { 
return false;

And than in your template write:

{{#if checkUser}} 
// If logged in
// It will display other data when user is not logged in ...

I think this one is help and probably there is few mistakes but you will learn a better way :slight_smile: