Chimp only works in --watch mode

While I’m using chimp --ddp=http://localhost:3000 --mocha --path=tests --watch all tests (with watch-tag) are running as expected.
If I start chimp without --watch NO test is running. I just get the message 0 passes. But I would like to run ALL tests with that.

Because of that I have to add the @watch tag to every test, if I want to test the app. But that is not how it should be done. As the watch-Tag should help me for developing just a test with automated rerunning.

But from time to time I have to run the complete test, which I cannot do. Any idea for that?

Hi. This is a known bug and a fix will be released today

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Great news. Thanks for that.

@sam On Github version 0.38 is the newest. But for me chimp -v gives me 0.39… ?? Did you already released the fix? I’m asking because I’m confused because of the versions and with 0.39 it is still not working…

Fix was released in v0.39.1 (issue was here)