ChimpJS MultiRemote Acceptance Testing

I’m creating an app with host/client interaction. I really need multiple session of browser to be tested. webdriver io (utilized by chimpjs), have the following article, but I can’t find an exampel specific for meteor. Can someone point me the right direction here.

Try this branch of chimp

Hopefully @lgandecki will have some time to merge it soon :wink:

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We do use that branch/functionality everyday for end to end testing of a very highscale production app. It works like a charm, all thanks to the great work by the velocity team. :smile:
I’d love to help setting it up or troubleshoot if the steps explained in the github issue don’t work for you.

As for merging, it might take a couple more weeks… the most remaining work at this point is, ironically, writing jest tests for the new functionality :wink: