Choosing jsnext:main as import file

I have this NPM package, (accounting-js) which provides both oldschool (UMD) as es6 module way of modules (if I get it correctly). If I do "import x from ‘accounting-js’, it will automatically get the UMD version instead of the ES6 version. The es6 version is pointed to in the packages’ package.json under “jsnext:main”. Is there a way to tell Meteor to use this one instead of the UMD? (Or shouldn’t I want that)…

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Currently, there is both no advantage to this nor would it work in Meteor if it was possible.

Longer explanation:

  • The Rollup bundler is encouraging jsnext:main but I don’t think any other bundler supports it (yet?) - webpack, browserfy, meteor.
  • i.e. Meteor bundles NPM packages “as is”, i.e., relies on the prior transpilation by the publisher.
  • This raises the other issue, in that jsnext:main refers only to using ES6 modules, not any other ES6 features. It relies on node having every other required feature, but node doesn’t have everything we / many authors want yet, and clients / browsers definitely don’t.

These are definitely issues that need solving in the future, but I wouldn’t worry about them now.

Cool, good to know. Saves a lot of headaches :stuck_out_tongue:

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