Choosing the correct hosting

I plan to deploy my app in the next days, so I’m recollecting every info about hosting, deployments, etc. etc.
There are too many post talking about this but I’d like to expose my specific example with my app.

I’m developing a social network (users, followings/followers, upload images, comments, etc.) related with recipes.
This is an app for Android and IOS but it would be also a website in a nearly future (same code for everything).

To upload the pictures I’m using a CDN calls Cloudify, which I really recommend ( and I save the url into my ddbb hosted by Mongodb. For the repo I’m using Gitlab.

I also have send emails from my server.

Ok, briefly this is what my app does. Knowing this, what would be the best option to deploy? I’d like to know as well if it’s more recommendable to allocate Mongodb in the same instance/server/droplet or in other case what would be the best option.
I was thinking to contract DigitalOcean but I also found this one:

I asked some question to DO also to check how worked their support and the responses were in less than an hour, which is really good but maybe not the same for real problems (everyone loves new possible costumers).

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

I always recommend Galaxy and MongoDB Atlas for the DB.

They are great and will manage as much as possible the devOPs for you. No problems with deployment scripts and stuff.

Galaxy is great and it’s not that expensive (if you are just starting up a compact instance can do it). Atlas is a little bit more expensive but compared to Compose the prices will not go up that fast.

For pub/sub on RedisDB, I would recommend RedisLab.

For uploading and managing images i would go with Cloudinary (but you already have it sorted it out).

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I’ve never heard about MongoDB Atlas. Interesting.
So you prefer to have MongoDB in a separate server then?

Probably Galaxy is the best solution knowing that is recommended by Meteor but is not the cheapest solution for the first app. Probably I have to improve my server in the future will be a a possible hosting but not for now.

So there is no option to use the same server to upload the images?


Galaxy does not provide data base so we have to use a different service.

I’m not sure about your other question though. Cloudinary is pretty awesome for manipulating images easily and fast. But you can do it by yourself if you don’t want a managed service. But you defenitly need something like AWS S3, and probably a CDN too.

Yes, probably Cloudinary is the best solution for that.

I also found Rackspace:
It looks really good, but again, I have to find some info about them and see if it worth more than DO

I used rackspace few years back for my PHP/MySQL website and I wasn’t satisfied with their services. The server was down every now and then. But it was few years back, not sure how are there services now.

To start - you can use DigitalOcean - they are cheap and good. They allow you to store Database as well. Later you can choose Galaxy + MLab ( or Compose (

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Good to know that @deligence1

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