Chrome freezes on hotreload after clientside js change while devtools open


So this error suddently occurs to me everytime I change something in my clientside code.
I don’t think this is a Meteor issue, but since the refresh of the browser is triggered by Meteor I figured I would ask here if someone has the same problem?!
Tried rebooting my whole system, installed an older chrome version but the problem is still there:

When I change something in my clientside code while I am in my app on localhost in Chrome and while having the Chrome devtools open, the whole Chrome tab freezes for a couple of seconds and then reloads. During that time, Chrome uses like 300% of my cpu. dafuq? Anyone ever had that? Tried emptying my cache and everything I could think of but nothing helps! :frowning:


I’ve never seen that. What version of Chrome are you using?


Version history:
I had 69.0.3497, now I am running 68.0.3440 again which improved the problem a bit.
OS is Mac OSX.
No idea why this is happening.


Memory issues?

Does the Chrome Task Manager (shift-Esc) reveal anything here?


Nope, not possible. 16GB RAM and never had any problems. Occurred out of nowhere today.
Yes, Chrome task manager reports 300% COU usage of the one tab during freeze.


I had this problem. But not very often.
I use chrome on Linux Ubuntu 18.04.