Chrome freezes on hotreload after clientside js change while devtools open

So this error suddently occurs to me everytime I change something in my clientside code.
I don’t think this is a Meteor issue, but since the refresh of the browser is triggered by Meteor I figured I would ask here if someone has the same problem?!
Tried rebooting my whole system, installed an older chrome version but the problem is still there:

When I change something in my clientside code while I am in my app on localhost in Chrome and while having the Chrome devtools open, the whole Chrome tab freezes for a couple of seconds and then reloads. During that time, Chrome uses like 300% of my cpu. dafuq? Anyone ever had that? Tried emptying my cache and everything I could think of but nothing helps! :frowning:

I’ve never seen that. What version of Chrome are you using?

Version history:
I had 69.0.3497, now I am running 68.0.3440 again which improved the problem a bit.
OS is Mac OSX.
No idea why this is happening.

Memory issues?

Does the Chrome Task Manager (shift-Esc) reveal anything here?

Nope, not possible. 16GB RAM and never had any problems. Occurred out of nowhere today.
Yes, Chrome task manager reports 300% COU usage of the one tab during freeze.

I had this problem. But not very often.
I use chrome on Linux Ubuntu 18.04.

I have this problem now :). I installed all stuff on a new computer, the Chrome recently updated and I finished full Windows Linux Subsystem integration (VS Code does “remote” access), so there are many possible culprits.

Chrome version: 77.0.3865.90
Meteor runs from within Ubuntu 18 on Windows Linux Subsystem.

Symptoms: Chrome tab usage 300%, way way higher than anything else. Chrome stops responding… this gets “fixed” after ~20-100s and the page finally refreshes. Only happens when devtools are open. Restarting Windows helps for a few minutes (or turning off the dev tools).

Same with Meteor 1.8.1, Chrome Versión 76.0.3809.132 (Build oficial) (64 bits).
It was happening with Meteor 1.6 as well and I was hoping the upgrade was going to fix it.
I’ve also found some infamous “Major GC” process going if profiling the performance with the devtools.
The strange thing after the upgrade is that now many times I change something in a component (inside a client folder, so client only) and Meteor fails to acknowledge the client refresh. Takes some time, app looses connection, couple of page refreshes and finally gets back. It may very well fit the 20-100s period @tosi is reporting.

Modifying client only stuff is now excruciatingly long.

It looks like there is a workaround to install Chrome Beta 78. There are also no addons so it might be related. I will try to find the real culprit.

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It is not caused by plugins nor did incognito window help either. Resetting my Chrome profile resolved the issue. So I would say it is an internal Chrome problem.

It’s definitely a Chrome issue. I’m having this problem again, and have been running Chrome and Firefox side by side the last few days. Where Chrome freezes, Firefox continues to work.

Hello everyone, created an account just to post my findings.

tldr: dev tools → settings → workspace, remove your dev folder.

i have run into very similar issue. We have a live server that we dont have direkt access to, but we can link and upload javascript files there. So what we do is run local server that hosts js file and we link it from live server like localhost:8080/index.js for faster development. and for production we upload js file to server and link it there. without the local server setup, you would need to upload your js file on every change you do and it is time consuming.

So then we ran into same issue, everything worked fine but a soon as we changed local js file, Chrome would freeze for 5-10 min and eat up ram untill you force kill that tab and open the page new.
This also only happened when dev tools console was open. Other browsers like edge worked fine. So after long painful debugging we found out that the problem was in dev tools → settings → workspace we had the local development folder linked. after deleting this link, freezes dissapeared.

Hope this will help others to avoid frustration i had with this :smiley:

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