Chrome Update Broke Website

I have been working on my first Meteor website for deployment. I had just finished a workable layout for google chrome last week. Having just started school, I had to take a small break from working on it. However, when I was working on it last night, I noticed some md-cards overlapping and content pushed past the top of the view-port. I did some research and apparently there was a chrome update a few days ago. However, I have no idea how this has led to these changes and what to do to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. is the aforementioned build.

I thought it was a padding-top issue but looks like you’re using flexbox, my only suggestion would be to add “align-items:baseline” to your flex wrapper, and work from there.

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Another interesting thing, opening on IE11 causes my browser to reliably crash every time :smile:

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Why was it working before the update though? It still works on my mobile devices since they don’t automatically update browsers. So what was the breaking change and how do I fix it?

Check your browser console for errors/warnings