CI and CD using Gitlab as version control and Gitlab CI for continuous build,deployment and test



I am doing a feasibility using Gitlab for version control and Gitlab CI for continuous build, deployment and testing. Currently we have one droplet on Digital Ocean which we are using for this purpose. The goal is to use the same server (droplet) for hosting Gitlab, Gitlab CI and also the meteor app built from master post every merge on master. Please can someone provide some pointers here? Any help is appreciated.


Continuous Deployment on Gitlab

I’m also struggling to find guidance about this. Found some .gitlab-ci.yaml examples for Ruby but nothing for Node.js or Meteor. I’ve got a Docker droplet spinning on DigitalOcean.


Added a bounty to this relevant SO question:



I am running a Meteor 1.3.2 app, hosted on Digital Ocean (Ubuntu 14.04) since 4 months. I am using Gitlab v. 8.3.4 running on the same Digital Ocean droplet as the Meteor app. It is a 2 GB / 2 CPUs droplet ($ 20 a month). Using the built in Gitlab CI for CI/CD. This setup has been running successfully till now. (We are currently not using Docker, however this should not matter.)

I have posted the response in SO. Please let me know if it works out.

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Hi guys,

any updates on this? Still using it? How did you set it up?