Circle CI and Release

I am only new to running Circle CI. I’ve looked at other CI tools but they all just didn’t feel right - but Circle does.

I’ve been building a fairly significant application (solo) with Meteor/React and we are moving into our production phase.

After setting up both STAGING and PRODUCTION (not launched yet) databases and servers I decided to let Circle help push my builds. But I struck a problem…

Everything was running OK (downloading meteor, running some scripts) but then it all went sour during build/deployment. I kept hitting an issue with an exception regarding an “unexpected end of input” in promise_server.js !

I was convinced I had seen this before but just couldn’t clear my head until I finally remembered this issue…

The problem was an empty package.json in one of the node_modules and @abernix was kind enough to find a patch and get it into build I had built my own workaround and had not had a chance to upgrade beyond (stability of the build and all that). Because all the packages refresh during the build the offending package.json was still in node_modules and so the fault was triggered again.

Fortunately, Circle CI allows you to SSH into the build and run some commands. I quickly did an upgrade there to and the build succeeded and deployed successfully to STAGING.

I just thought this story might help others on their journey to CI. I’m still wading in the shallow end with Circle CI but now I am through this snag I’ll be getting into it more deeply.