Circle CI for Meteor Up

This is a rather embarrassing confession, but for years I have been pushing builds manually. No CI/CD.

But I am resolved to correct this blindspot, and would appreciate any advice you have on getting started!

Here’s our infrastructure:

  1. Production hosting on Galaxy for user-facing services
  2. Worker hosting on Digital Ocean for bigger back office jobs, deployed via Meteor Up (data cleanup, integrations, etc).
  3. Database on MongoDB Atlas

I’m looking at Circle CI and CodeShip. Any other platforms to consider? Any other good blog posts or example integrations? What’s a yml?

Thanks in advance for your perspective. Love this community!


Hi there!
You can check this post but be aware that it can be outdated. Also, depending on your needs, you can use Github actions as well.
YML (yaml files) are files that’s often used to write configuration files and exchange data between programming languages. You are going to configure your Github action, for example, using this types of files.
Hope this help a little bit on your task!



I also push builds manually, with some bash scripts for each step, for many platforms. This is because any build step can break for any reason. It is easier to fix the bash script, and run it again, until it works. If it does not work, then not releasing for that platform. I don’t even know are there available enough automations that could automate all of this fragile process. I think, it’s the reality of current development, when there is dependency updates all the time. It’s not embarassing.

@allenfuller I have used CircleCI for some time, it works well, and you can even use MUP to do a deploy if all the tests pass.
One time I was on holiday with a very slow internet connection, and doing a deployment would have taken hours to do, and possibly fail before completion, so I ended up getting Circle CI to do it for me. It worked like a charm