Clarification about Meteor API and Apollo

I am using apollo server and client with react client application, so far so good.

Now I am trying to buil an user security management system for all our applications.
I am using apollo server, express handlebar templates (for the login form) passport, express session, etc.

I am new to meteor, but I saw in the Meteor API documentation that it handle all the security that I need.

So, can I use the meteor api with apollo? I saw in the Apollo Client Integrations documentation that is two sections, Client and Server but it is not clear to me how to use for example http, sessions, accounts from Meteor API.
Also I don’t need to use mongodb and reactivity, how can disable it?



Hey right now there isn’t an easy way to use just part of Meteor, like accounts, in your express app. You need to move your app onto the meteor platform entirely. We hope to make it easier to use just some of this stuff separately in the future.

Ok, so the best way of use meteor with apollo today is like this ?

Hey @sashko i think what is trying to ask is about leaving Meteor just like an ecosystem. Isnt it right @windgaucho ?

Like if you create an app with Meteor but you dont want to use LiveQuery, Mini-Mongo, etc. Just Meteor to set it up.

Is it possible to disable or remove LiveQuery, MiniMongo and everything else except Meteor like a project container ?

Thank you Sashko!

Yes @cristiandley, @sashko.
Right now I have a webpack proyect but what if I want to create a new meteor project using apollo, can I use meteor-accounts, meteor-http, etc? (without using LiveQuery, Mini-Mongo, etc.)

So this is something we are thinking on improving in the future, but Meteor Accounts actually directly depends on Livequery, DDP, Minimongo, etc to work at all. Ideally in the future we can have just as seamless of a login experience with Apollo but it’s not possible today.

Ohhh thats a shame @sashko

and let me asume the post ownership and ask something. Is there any performance issue about ussing Live, DDP and Minimongo only for Accounts ? or it would be better to avoid it ?

Thanks, you are always here !!!

No performance issues I can imagine. We have Meteor accounts running on for a very large number of users.

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