"Classic Meteor" T-shirts


Looking for the link to the T-shirts. Can someone help me here?


@abernix was the very last person to receive one of the “classic” Meteor T’s; and I’ve been trying to secretly steal it from him ever since :slight_smile:. That being said, he has also taken the Meteor “galaxy” design that was printed inside the original hoodies, and turned it into a custom laptop skin. I’ll let him chime in with that effort - the end result was/is awesome!


Would love to get any of that merch myself. I only managed to get T-shirt that has Meteor written on the front in geometrical shapes and few stickers.


First project for the new meteor community organization? :laughing:


I think MDG could just put them up on some e-shop. Besides the community does not have the design files, not to mention the issue of trademarks and copyrights.


Are you talking about the dark gray ones? I have a couple of those from a hackathon a few years back. Let’s do that again!


still proud of my “meteor - fine apps handcrafted” shirt :smiley:


Would they notice even ?? :sweat_smile:

Maybe it’s best to ask permission first. We should do mugs as well :smile:


Yes, if there were some boxes of T-shirts in a cupboard somewhere which are of the Classic Meteor era, then maybe a charity auction?
Save that, we need some entrepreneur to step forward, but the new shirt I think should specify “Classic Meteor” to distinguish it from the later corrupted forms. :smiling_imp:


@hwillson someone on the MDG Staff should put the shirt on https://cottonbureau.com

I’d buy one.


Do you know what type of cotton is it? Or what company did they order them from? This material is really nice in touch :slight_smile: I’m talking about original dark grey one