Client Browser checking

I just discovered late in our development that I need to support IE 11 and that this causes compatibility issues with my custom build of ckeditor 5 (probably other issues as well)

Is there a common meteor way of checking client browser version and conditionally loading/importing resources and scripts?

In client side, I think you can see if is Firefox or Chrome browser, IE no…, also if is Cordova.

Never seen this before, and it’s not part of Meteor 1.9, I just tried it now.

If you put the code into a package, you can specify legacy web browsers as an architecture target with:

api.addFiles('./ie11-fix.js', 'web.browser.legacy');

sorry for delay, but I have to specify that:


is bring by hybrid:device package
(at the time I was very new for Meteor… :grinning: )