Client side debug with webstorm?

I have came back to my project with meteor 1.6 and webstorm 2017.3 and it seems that if I start my application client side debug simply doesn’t work. I have jetbrains chrome extension and before I was seeing this yellow top indicator that page is under debug when I started my app from webstorm. This time it seems that is not the case and debug simply doesn’t work. Did I miss something or it is one more of meteor debug issues with webstorm (there were plenty already)?

I ran into this issue as well

I switched to using the chrome console debugger for the client side

For the server side, try meteor --inspect-brk

If you want to know more, check out the “Native Debugging” section of this post:

I use newest version of 2017.3 eap and server side debug works for now (didn’t work a bit earlier but now it seems to be fixed). I also get this issue: which is caused by new meteor behavior and it would be great if someone could fix it.
Client side seems to have some miscommunication with jetbrains chrome extension as it does not show that page is under debug like it did before when it worked. It’s really sad and annoying to have such a basic and fundamental feature to any software project broken. Probably meteor is not really in jetbrains priority list anymore and I make a prediction that at least WEB-30124 issue will be here forever since neither mdg nor jetbrains is going to care enough to fix it and just hope that the other side will do it.
Regarding client side debug I am really interested if anyone have it working with meteor 1.6 and webstorm? That would at least help me understand if it’s something wrong on my environment or is it again some new issues.