Clients deconnected on server reload


Hi, in dev mode, each time I save something that impacts the server and it builds / restarts, my client is logged out. That is really annoying in development. I don’t remember that behaviour before 1.4.2.

Any hint ?


It should not do that normally.

Had this issue before because we used a fixture which created a test user. Every time it created that user it got logged out because the sessions were removed from the database.


Oh nice, you solved my problem. Here was the faulty code :

if ( Meteor.users.findOne( {
		username: 'testUser'
	} ) )
	Accounts.setPassword( Meteor.users.findOne( {
		username: 'testUser'
	} )._id, 'test' );

It really does not look like something that should break anything…

Thank you :blush:


Yup, did the same thing! Only way is to check whether the password was actually changed (by trying to login).


I think I understand why it logs you out. Since the stored bcrypt is salted, it changes even if you keep the same actual password.

But that should not end your session :frowning:


You can disable the logout: