Clinical Track - RC11 - Facebook Profile Utility

There’s been lots of interest in Facebook APIs the past year, with React getting most of the spotlight and GraphQL next on the list. And while I personally am taking a slow approach to adopting those technologies, that’s not to say I haven’t been looking at Facebook APIs at all. While everybody has been working on integrating React and GraphQL, I’ve been looking at the problem of how to export a Facebook Profile and upload it into a Meteor app.

As part of Release Candidat 11 of the Clinical Track, I’m happy to announce an initial release of a Personal Health Record utility, that allows one to upload their Facebook profile into a universal card UI Meteor app.

This utility is intended for anybody interested in building fitness apps, nutrition apps, quantified self apps, timelines, weblogs, social health networks, and similar apps.

Also, please note that it currently ships without any security implemented, because there’s lots of differing opinions about what ‘Facebook for Medicine’ or a ‘Social Health Record’ means. So don’t just toss it online. We’ll probably add Electron support and offline support before adding a security model.

meteor --release clinical:METEOR@1.1.3-rc11

Clinical Meteor API

Validation/Verfication Tests
273 validation tests on ChecklistManifesto
135 validation tests on PersonalHealthRecord
1875 validation tests on CKCC
83 verification tests across 25 distro packages

Reference Implementation(s)
Checklist Manifesto
Hello Healthcare
California Kids Cancer Comparison
Personal Health Record

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Pending On Roadmap

  • hl7 fhir server
  • clinical:mobile
  • clinical:offline
  • clinical:desktop

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