Clinical Track - RC13 - Meteor 1.3.1 Sync; Galaxy Migration

Clinical Meteor just got upgraded and synced to Meteor@1.3.1 as part of the migration to Galaxy. The vast majority of the reference demos were taken down, and current development is all about consolidation of the remaining systems. The good news is that the distro is probably in the best shape it’s ever been. Enjoy!


meteor --release clinical:METEOR@1.3.1-rc13

Clinical Meteor API

Validation/Verfication Tests
273 validation tests on ChecklistManifesto
135 validation tests on PersonalHealthRecord
1875 validation tests on CKCC
130 verification tests across 36 distro packages

Reference Implementation Demos
Checklist Manifesto
Hello Healthcare
Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Client

Reference Implementation(s) Source Code

Pending On Roadmap

  • fhir resources
  • clinical:mobile
  • clinical:offline
  • clinical:desktop
  • social health record demo

Release Manifest


Wow, awesome to hear this!